Gary Conn Jr.


Over two decades of continuous on-the-job experience in every aspect of TV production and project management. I present creative solutions to new and existing problems by drawing on my years of experience as an editor, producer, director, and manager.

Why me? I am creative, responsible person who enjoys working with others or alone. I savor challenges in the continuously expanding field of audio and visual media. While I have an extensive technical background, I feel that one of my strongest points is my ability to manage a project from inception to completion while staying on budget and on time. My work history demonstrates that I am a hard-working, dedicated person. I will make my experience and skills your asset.

Work History:

GC Enterprises (Freelance)

Producer / Director / Camera / Editor (2001 - present)

Servicing many clients in need of visual and sound media for broadcast and non-broadcast video, Multimedia, and Web for both long and short form media.

Staff Positions:

DVL Public Relations and Advertising

Producer / Director / Editor (2007 - 2011)

Serving a wide variety of clients producing sound and visual media for Broadcast TV, Radio, multimedia, and web applications. Duties included: concepts, planning, budgeting, shooting, producing, and directing long and short form media. Schedule and manage a post department that included: Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Apple DVD Studio Pro and others.

Great American Country (GAC)

Editor / Producer (2006-2007)

Edited weekly shows, promos and interstitial elements for broadcast and web. Responsible for assessing and maintaining broadcast quality of all work I performed as well as submitted videos utilizing Avid Media Composer, network media storage, D-Beta & IMX / XDCAM digital machines.

Shop At Home (Scripps Networks)

Editor / Producer (2005-2006)

Assembled on-air and web promos, product demonstration videos and corporate presentations. Additionally worked on shows for sister network GAC, where I eventually worked full-time. Equipment used included: Avid Media Composer, shared network drives, Photoshop, MIDI audio console, D-Beta & IMX / XDCAM machines.

Tangible Vision

Editor / Producer (2002-2005)

Editor of CMT's premier one hour biography show, "Inside Fame" and various video countdown shows utilizing Avid edit system and MIDI audio console. Worked closely with writers / producers in story development.

CMT International (Gaylord Cable Networks)

Editor / Producer / Cameraman (1999-2002)

Producer / Editor of commercials, shows, and presentations for "CMT International" & "MusicCountry" (video music channels in Brazil, Argentina, Australia & Asia) utilizing newly uncompressed Avid Media Composer. Additional responsibilities included web video compression; uploading and downloading of FTP audio files; maintaining, repairing and upgrading of Avid edit systems and networked media drives; monitoring of actual broadcast feeds.